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Q.  How do I know if what I am ordering is the right thing for my project, or what I want to use it for?

A.  Many time people are not sure if the item they are interested in is right for their purposes.  As an example:  There are      times that a customer want to order some of our wagon wheels.  This being the case do not hesitate to call us and      speak with a representative and let he or she know as much detail about what you are planning on using them for.      Our wagon wheels, for instance, can handle different load weights.  Depending on your planned use it may benefit      you more to order a different type of wheel. The representative would suggest a different wheel for you.  We will      inform the customer that a less expensive wheel will serve their purposes, and  others time we may suggest a more      expensive wheel. We actually do talk ourselves into a less profitable sale if that is what is correct for the      customer..  

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