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Customer Photos of Their Projects Using Our Wooden Buckets.


Our Amish made wooden buckets are functional as well as decorative.  Our buckets are great as water buckets, wishing well buckets, photo props, and planter buckets.

A little imagination goes a long way.

We have sold them for use in movies, (ie: The Alamo), as photographic prop, and display buckets, for wishing wells, renaissance festivals, and reenactment organizations.  We have even sold our oak water buckets to  to Dolly Parton's pirates voyage dinner and show theme establishment.

Oak wishing well bucket

Verne Epperson, of KY, purchased one of our "Large Regular Oak" buckets with a copper band to create this wishing well scene.

wishing well with wooden bucket

 oak bucket used on widhing well

wishing well bucket

 oak bucket on widhing well

The Photos of our bucket, (just below),   in use by customers  in the Southern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire -

Irwindale, CA were provided by Photos contributed by Michelle O'Brien, of the "Guild of St. Minerva, Washerwomen and Ploughboys."  The portray the use of our Wooden Buckets, Hay Forks, and Rakes, to suite the period.  These photos were taken by "Brent Turner Photography"
pine bucke and wooden hay forkt in renaissance fair

pine bucket and wooden hay forkt in renaissance fair as props

pine bucket in renaissance fair as a prop

pine bucket in renaissance fair

Larry Graber,  purchased our "Oak Water Bucket", to use at the reinactment of 1865 at the "Log Village - Old Treshers and Settlers Reunion", at Mt. Pleasant, Iowa 52641.  He was kind enough to provide these photos.