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Customer photos of project using our heavy duty two inch rim wooden hub wagon wheels

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The Spoon Group out of NJ was good enough to provide us with photos of a project they did using our Heavy two inch rim wagon wheels, that appeared in the production of “The Wiz”.   (Oct  2015),  (The Spoon Group is a full service production company created to be the one-stop shop for people in the Entertainment and Retail Industry. visit them here)

A couple of days ago Thomas Bucolic, in Il. called us and wanted 4 of 28" heavy duty wagon wheels to to use on an old buggy that he had just procured.  It had pnuematic wheels on it, and he wanted a more realistic set of wheels for it.  He gave us the specifications he needed.  We had the heavy duty wagon wheel hubs bored out to a 1" hub hole to fit his current axle spindle.  Fortunately; the width of the hub on them from side to side was such that they would fit fine.  Tom sent of some photos of the buggy as it was when he bought it.  Upon completion of the project he is going to send us photos, and we know the new wheels will add a great deal to esthetic appeal to his buggy.

Below are the before and after photos of the buggy.  Thank you Tom.

Derek at Pacific Theater in Vancouver, Canada provided us with the following photos of the charot that they are fabricating using our Heavy Duty metal hub wagon wheels.  This will be an awesome prop for their production. (Take a look at their website at  http://pacifictheatre.org)  These Heavy Duty wagon wheels are fully functional.)

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Customer Photos of Their Projects Using Our Wooden Wagons
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