the products on our site include amish crafted wooden an steel wagon wheels as well as cannon wheels, wooden wagons, wagon wheel chandeliers, and wooden buckets

Customer Photos of Their Projects Using Our Wooden Wagons, and yard cannon.

Holly Lake Ranch, TX 75765
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buckboard yard art
hitch wagon yard ornament
Hitch wagon used a yard art
Hitch wagon used as  a seasonal decoration
hitch wagon
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Our wooden wagons add a great touch for any yard or garden.  They make for great yard art, planter wagons that can be used on patios, and in garden areas. Since thay are semi-functional they can be easily moved around.

This photo was privided by a "resort" customer on the east coast.  The Hutch Wagon as you can see is deocrated for the Chistmas season.  As a display fixture it can be used in almost any envoirnment or retail setting as a display unit or as a marketing display.

hitch wagon store display

Our 1/2 scale cannon in the yard of David Goodwin, of Missouri. 

half scale yard cannon
ornamental half scale yard cannon
half scale yard art cannon
half scale cannon
High quality Amish wood products
Tel:  903-725-0576  |
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Customer Photos of Their Projects Using Our Wooden Wagons
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