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photos of projects using our steel wagon wheels.


Additional photos added as customers are good enough to provide them.

Rick Thomas fabricated this home made wheelbarrow using one of our steel wagon wheels.

home made wheelbarrow with steel wheel

flower cart with steel wheel
peddlersr cart with steel wheels and stubby axles

Our neighbor used our steel wagon wheels to make his wife a flower cart.  He used our stubby axles and found it made the installation of the wheels much easier.
peddlers cart with steel wheels

flower cart with stubby axles
flower cart with steel wheels and stubby axles

Cathy Buchko, of "Acorn Acres" in Sarasota, FL,used our 36" steel wagon wheels to fabricate this move around, unique table for their patio.  Thank you much for the photo, Cathy.
Customers outside table with steel wagon wheels

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