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Wagons, Carriages, Carts, and Buggies made using our Genuine Amish Buggy Wheels

with Bearings

Holly Lake Ranch,  TX
Allen Fosters,(of Agusta, KS), project was fabricating a buckboard wagon from sctatch.  He choose our 36" carriage wheels to use. (He ordered extra bearings and stubby axles, as well.

He already had a pair of carriage wheels that he used for the front of the wagon.
Below is the finished project.

"Carpenter's Replica Artillery"-  ( - Ask for Dominick.  The company builds replica's of most types of pre-1899 artillery pieces from desktop size models to full size carriages and barrels.  The Photos directly below are a French Cannon Reproduction they made using our 32" Amish Buggy Wheels custommade to a wider tire width.  The Limber uses our stock 32" Buggy Wheels.

Klusen Construction sealed bearing wagon wheel
sealed bearing wagon wheel on vender cart

Klusen Construction, of CT provided photos of a fabrication project making vender carts for Fenway Park.  They used our genuine Amish Carriage wheels.
close up of sealed bearing wagon wheel on vender cart

sealed bearing wagon wheel on vender cart