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Our  assorted types of wagon wheels lend themselves perfect to any type of project from gun carts, functional buggies, carts, pony carts, wooden wagonsjust to name a few.  They are a great touch for any yard and garden.  Aside from being yard art, they are great to use for planter wagons, patios, gardens, and yard areas.

Thomas Bucolic, in Il. called us and wanted 4 of 28" heavy duty metal hub wagon wheels to to use on an old buggy that he had just procured.  He had the hub hole bored out to 1" from 7/8".  It had pnuematic wheels on it, and he wanted a more realistic set of wheels for it.  He gave us the specifications he needed.  We had the heavy duty wagon wheel hubs bored out to a 1" hub hole to fit his current axle spindle.  Fortunately; the width of the hub on them from side to side was such that they would fit fine.  Tom sent of some photos of the buggy as it was when he bought it.  Upon completion of the project he is going to send us photos, and we know the new wheels will add a great deal to esthetic appeal to his buggy.

Below are the before and after photos of the buggy.  Thank you Tom.

Thomas Bucolic buggy
Thomas Bucolic wagon

Thomas Bucolic carriage
Thomas Bucolic1

Derek at Pacific Theater in Vancouver, Canada provided us with the following photos, (below),  of the chariot that they are fabricating using our Heavy Duty metal hub wagon wheels.  This will be an awesome prop for their production. (Take a look at their website at  http://pacifictheatre.org)  These Heavy Duty wagon wheels are fully functional.)

Pacific Theater
Derek Pacific Theater
Pacific Theater 1

Derek at Pacific Opera Victoria, BC was good enough to provide us with a photo of the wagon made for one of their productions using our 28 inch light duty wagon wheels with rubber tires.  Visit their website at "http://livevictoria.com/pacificoperavictoria"
Pacific Theater2

Jerry Freeze from Monahans, Tx provided these photographs of his project using our Light Duty metal hub wagon wheels.  He plans on fabricatiog more wagons and sell them.
Jerry Freeze chuck wagon
 Jerry Freeze chuck wagon1
Jerry Freeze chuck wagon 2
Jerry Freeze chuck wagon3
Jerry Freeze chuck wagon4
Jerry Freeze chuck wagon5

Mary's huband fabricated his own Planter Hitch Wagon for her. (He did quite a fine job at it.) He used our 28, and 24 inch Light Duty wagon wheels.  ( This is the same wheel that we sale many for to people who want to fabrictes their own carts, as well.)

marys wagon2

James buckless

James Buckless provided photos of the wagon that he replaced the wheels on with our Heavy Duty metal hub wagon wheels. (Looks like he has a nice spread there.)

James buckless carriage

Nino's rest ornamental wheels

Nino's Resturant in Wisconsin remodeled using our Heavy Duty wagon wheels.

Nino's rest ornamental wheels2

holloway buckboaud with light duty wagon wheels

Ted Holloway of Nevada uses our Light Duty metal hub wagon wheels to replace the wheels on this buckboard.
He fabricates a method of sealing grease in the hubs.

holloway buckboaud withmetal hub wagon wheels

holloway - light duty metal hub wagon wheels with grease nipple
Marvin Cots guncart

Marvin Cotes, of Oklahoma City, OK, used our

"Light Duty" wagon wheels in the fabrication of this gun cart.

Marvin Cots guncart2