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Amish Crafted Wooden Yard /Garden Wagons and Yard Cannon.

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Half Scale Yard Cannon 

- unfinished


Item # Kirk-511

decorative half scale yard cannon

(NOTE: This cannon is ornamental )  (Wheels can be bought by themselves on cannon wheel page.)

The cannon is made of solid hardwood, featuring the steam bent wheels. 

The Dimensions are:  40"W x 58"Long x 30"H  with 30" Wheels.

(The barrel is 33 1/2" long.  The barrel diameter is 5 1/2" in back and 4 1/4" in front)

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Don't miss our "Customer Photos" of the cannon and wagons. 

unfinished yard cannon
unfinished lawn cannon
decorative civil war era yard cannon
customer photo of yard  cannon
 cannon in customers  yard
decorative civil war era yard cannon in front yard


Amish-Crafted Hitch Wagon  

(With wooden wagon wheels or steel wagon wheels)  
Item# Kirk-507
wooden hitch wagon

This wooden Hitch Wagon is ideal to use as a wooden planter wagon, yard art wagon, wooden flower wagon, planter wooden, wagon store display, as a prop in a photo shoot, and for an instore marketing display


Front Wheels: 24" Diameter, Rear Wheels: 28" Diameter.   The Hitch Wagon is  constructed of cedar, and measurements are : Bed: 22" x 48"

Don't miss the "Customer Photos" of the cannon and wagons.

With wooden wagon wheels - $439.95

With steel wagon wheels - $369.95

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close up of hitch wagon

Ideal for wooden wagon planters, vending carts, store displays, yard art, yard and garden use, patio carts, decorative and seasonal, garden planters,and what is in your imagination.

unfinished hitch wagon
unfinished lawn cannon in customer's yard
infinished hitch wagon in shop
finished hitch wagon planter in customer's yard

Peddlers Cart  Amish-Crafted

Item# Kirk-509
cedar peddlers cart

This Peddlers cart, (Peddlers Wagon), is excellent for use on the patio or deck as well as for vending, yard art, decorative and as a planter or flower cart.

Peddler Cart w/Wooden wheels  -  $279.95
Peddler Cart w/Steel Wheels -
Steel Wheels as below available.

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Steel Wheels, as below, are available.
peddler's cart's steel wagon wheels
peddler's cart in shop

close-up of peddler's cart

Small Hitch Wagon  Amish-Crafted

Item# Kirk-506

small cedar hitch wagon

The Wooden Hitch Wagon is constructed of cedar,

and measurements are : Bed: 15" x 32", (total width from outside of wheels is 21"),

(Overall length including the tongue is 53"), Front Wheels: 14" Diameter, Rear Wheels: 21" Diameter, from the bottom of the bed to the top of the seat is 14"
The sides are 7.25".  From the ground to the bed bottom is 8.5".


This hitch wagon is an exact scaled down copy of our large hitch wagon
small cedar hitch wagon planter

close-up of small hitch wagon

Pumpkin Wagon - unfinished         
Item # Kirk-508

decorative wooden pumkin wagon

Cedar pumpkin wagon. Bed size is 18" x 36" and the front wheels have an 18" diameter while the rear wheels have a 20" diameter.

The Pumpkin Wagon is ideal for seasonal decorations. In fall it can showcase  decorations such as hay, pumpkins, and the like decorations.  (Our wooden hay forks would stand out splendid.), in summer as a flower wagon. There is no end to its versitility.


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wooden pumpkin wagon for the yard and garden

Decorative Wooden Buckboard Wagon - Amish- Crafted

Item #Kirk-504

wooden buckboard planter wagon

Buckboard is constructed of cedar.  This Buckboard Measures - Bed: 22" x 54" Front Wheels: 18" Diameter,
Rear Wheels: 20" Diameter   ( Wagon is semi functional).


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decorative wooden buckboard for the yard and garden
wooden buckboard planter  for the yard and garden

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