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sealed bearing wagon wheels on buckboard

A customer in Texas made this reproduction of a wagon using our 36" Sealed Bearing Wagon Wheels.

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photos of Wagon, Carriages, Carts, and Buggies made using our Sealed Bearing Wagon Wheels

Below, Lee Wilson of Texas made this reproduction of a wagon using our 36" Sealed Bearing Wagon Wheels.

lee wilson - buckboard with sealed bearing wagon wheels
lee wilson - buckboard with amish carriage wheels
john hallson - gun cart chair
john hallson - gun cart
john hallson - gun cart

John Hallson ordered our top of the line wheels normally used for pony carts, store displays, vendor carts and various other carts and wagons. He said that he was an avid sports shooting person, and as he gotten older he needed to make something he could use in competitions to help him deal with his infirmities. He used our 20 inch "sealed bearing" buggy wheels for this "gun chair", (for lack of a better name).
We have sold quite a few wagon wheels for use on gun carts. Normally the wheels we sell for that is our light duty wagon wheels. .
We always like to speak with customers and discuss what we have available, and what a good use of them would as well as what the customer has in mind, and what he wants to accomplish. The customer was interested in our "sealed bearing wagon wheels for his project. It was quite a good idea, and one we had not come up with previously. If you come up with an unique use for one of our products please feel free to call us at 903-725-0576 and speak with us about it.

john hallson - gun cart chairs
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Customer Photos of Their Projects Using Our Wooden Wagons
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