This wooden buckets is made of "Pine" with red oak hoops - (copper hoops available) - and copper nails. The bucket is great flower pot holders, and look perfect in most wishing wells.   They come in 3 sizes, either stained or unstained.

It is a flat wooden-staved bucket, made in the fashion of the colonial era  water buckets. The bucket is unfinished, or stained with an oil based golden oak stain.  

Theses close-ups are of the "LARGE" Premium bucket, unstained.  Scroll down to view additional close-ups. and specifications for each size.


Large bucket.  =  13 1/2" dia. x 11"   -   Approx. capacity of 3 1/2 gallons

Medium bucket.  =  11" dia. x 9" - Approx. capacity of 1 3/4 gallons.

Small bucket.  =  8 1/2" dia. x 7" high   -  Approx. capacity of 3/4 gallon.


NOTE: The bucket on this page can hold water if soaked well, or if paraffin waxed first.  

This beefy Oak Bucket has wire bands that have been braised together to provide maximum strength.  The bucket can be soaked allowing the staves to expand to seal it. (We still suggest paraffin waxing it first.)

It comes in 3 sizes:

Large - 11 3/4" Dia at top - (OD),  10 3/4" Dia at bottom - (OD),
10 3/4" high at short staves, 12" high at long staves

Med. - 9 3/4" Dia at top - (OD), 7 3/4 Dia at bottom - (OD),
6" high at short staves, 7 1/2" high at long staves

Small: - 8.5" Dia at top - (OD) 7.5" Dia at bottom - (OD)
6" high at short staves 7.75 high at long staves



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