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Holly Lake Ranch, Tx
Should any questions arise as you peruse our site do not
hesitate to call us and inquire.  We pride ourselves on speaking directly with customers.

We specialize in Amish hand crafted wooden
crafts and other Amish wood products.  Among these are wagon
wheels, wooden yard/garden wagons, wagon wheel chandeliers, wooden buckets, Civil
War era cannon wheels, Amish buggy and carriage wheels, and wooden
hay forks

  • wagon wheel chandelier
  • amish sealed bearing cart wheel
  • oak water bucket with wire band
  • large basic wooden bucket
  • peddlers cart
  • hitch wagon
  • oak water bucket
  • wooden hitch wagon planter
  • large stwwl wagon wheel

On our site you will find,
in addition to our products, customers photographic testimony
of our products by
way of a speciel pages dedicated to photos
from them showing
how and what they
used our products for.

- Stage Props -

Ever product that we carry can be used by theater groups as stage props.  Actually; we have sold our wooden wagons, (such as the Hitch Wagon, and Peddlers Cart



to theaters for use in their productions.

Our heavy duty, 2 inch rims wooden hub wagon wheels were used in the making of the TV show "The Whiz", as well. 

- Movie and Film Productions -

Our wooden buckets, wooden hay forks, and wagon, and cannon wheels have been used in movies

such as the


The Alamo" as well as lesser known productions

Our wooden hay forks are used in TV productions by film companies

- Merchandising Displays and
Fixtures -


Frequently; our wagon wheels have been ordered in quantity for the making of fixtures. 


retail stores use our different wooden wagons to merchandise products

such as our hitch wagon, buckboard wagon, and peddlers cart.
hitch wagon store display

- Theme Resturaunts, Parks, and Living Museums -

Numerous establishments such as Dolly Parton's "Pirate Voyage uses our functional Oak water buckets in their productions.  Silver Dollar City in Branson, MO Has used a verity of our products in their productions, as has Six Flags, Disneyland, and the like.

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