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Amish Crafted Wagon Wheels, Wooden Buckets, Steel Wagon Wheels, Cannon Wheels, Wagon Wheel Chandeliers, and Wooden Hay Forks

Holly Lake Ranch, TX 75765
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Customers Wagon Wheels

Customers have purchased our wagon wheels for use in making chariots for plays, as replacements for carriages, and wagons for decorative purposes, for use as props for photo shoots, for the making of store merchandising displays, as well as various other applications.

Customers Cannon Wheels

Our cannon wheels mostly are used by the cannon enthusiasts in their fabrication of actual functional cannon, and some decorative cannons.

Our light duty steel wagon wheels have been used by customers in the fabrication of decorative wagons, patio items such as peddlers cats, flower carts and wagons, as wells as for decorative purposes.

Customers Wooden Buckets

The wooden buckets we sell have a variety fo uses by our customers ranging from decorative purposes for special events, wishing wells, and displays.  The functional wooden water buckets are used in sweat lodges, sauna, as props for theater groups and attractions as Dolly Parton's "Pirates Voyage, and other theme parks that she owns. The wooden water buckets are used in working farms, and theme attractions.  We have sold wooden buckets for use in movies, stage props, advertising purposes and photo props, Renaissance Fairs.

Customers Wooden Wagons

Our semi-functional decorative wooden wagons
are in use as yard art, in garden, as store displays, merchandising displays, patio pieces, and in photo shoots and marketing.  The wooden pumpkin wagon is great for seasonal decorations, as well as sales displays.  The peddlers cart is ideal for the patio as a serving cart and flower cart.  The hitch wagon, and buckboard wagon fall into most of the uses mentioned above.

Wooden 1/3 Scale Yard Cannon

Lets not forget our decorative yard cannon.  With a little imagination the yard cannon is ideal a number of uses.

Wagon Wheels Chandeliers

When it comes to rustic decor our wagon wheel chandeliers hit the spot.  The wagon wheel chandeliers make an ideal light fixture for homes, restaurants, and just about anywhere light is needed.

Wooden Hay Forks and Home Decoratives

Not to leave out our functional as well as decorative wooden hay forks have a number of unique purposes.  Wooden hay forks are used in functional farm, and museum attractions.  Wooden hay forks are a good addition to us along with our wooden wagon for seasonal decorations
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Tel:  903-725-0576  |